India's NO.1 Journal Publishing organisation Global Institute for Scientific Publication in Engineering and Research. The first ever user interface for Publishers and Reviewers, A New one of a kind Modern and Transparent way of publishing and indexing research work.

Why Choose Us

  • Fast Track

    For the first time GSPER has introduced a virtual conference interface where the authors get a chance to publish their research article in fast track mode with all the necessary elements.

  • Digital Library

    GSPER as one of its own kind of digital cloud based library were the members have access to avast no. of research articles. Our Digital library provides the latest of the information and a easy user interface.

  • Easy Publishing

    GSPER with his first ever publication and review system will help all the publishers to publish there research work on time with an easy user and transparent interface.

  • Peer Review

    Our peer review system is designed to assess the validity, quality and the originality of articles for the publication. Its ultimate purpose is to maintain the integrity of science by filtering out invalid or poor quality articles.

  • Video Indexing

    Indexation of a journal is considered a reflection of its quality. GSPER is providing the first ever video indexing of your research article, This is to value your effort and time spent towards the research work and brings a direct exposure to you which is more recognizable then a normal publication or indexation.

  • Open Access

    GSPER provides Open Access publications, that are free to all the interested readers and publishers . No financial or copyright barriers are between the readers and the articles.


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